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Why Eviana?

Agricultural land in Serbia covers approx. 5.1 million hectares (ha), roughly 66% of total land, of which about 3.6 million ha are considered arable lands. The climate is classified as being temperate continental. Average annual precipitation ranges from 600mm to 800mm in the plains and between 800mm and 1,200mm in the mountains. Land and climate conditions are favorable to agricultural production.

Canada has the most developed and extensive network of businesses whose activity is focused on the production and/or processing of industrial hemp for the food industry. Therefore, EVIANA, as a Canadian company, with its operation center in Serbia intends to reprise Serbia’s role as a leader in Europe as an important center for cultivating and/or processing of industrial hemp for production of pharma grade and food grade CBD.


Eviana operates a vertically integrated business model


Exponential growth in demand for high quality, organic CBD


Ease of access to European markets


Strong connection to North American markets through parent company


Eviana Health Corporation’s aim is to deliver customized consumer skin care products using natural hemp strains of cannabis sativa for cosmeceutical and nutraceutical merchandise and canabidiol-based topical creams and products.

CBD (Canabidiol)

Canabidiol is an extract from hemp plants. Hemp is the common name for plants of the entire genus Cannabis, but the term is often used to refer only to Cannabis strains cultivated for industrial (non-drug) use. There are two strains of Cannabis: Indica and Sativa, each with different components and effects. Both strains contain THC and CBD with the plants containing less than 0.3% THC considered to be industrial hemp. Industrial hemp usually has higher levels of CBD (up to 5% in some variations).

Some Positive Effects of CBD

Different varieties of hemp have different qualities. The Serbian hemp cultivated by Eviana is clean, and organic with the highest levels of CBD (5%) making it highly sought after.

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