Why Serbia?

Why is production based in Serbia?

  • optimal weather, soil, etc. allows for growth of Hemp that has higher than average CBD
  • Stable economy
  • Central location, ease of access to many other European countries – potential consumers of CBD
  • Business friendly environment
  • Lower cost of production, experienced workers
  • EU membership candidate
  • Assistance from Canadian Embassy who are favourable to our project and the economic benefits to be shared by Canada and Serbia

Serbia is a non-coastal country situated at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe located in the heart of the Balkan Peninsulas. The country is EU membership candidate since 2012, and member of UN and CEFTA. Ranking 47 out of 190 countries in The World Bank Doing Business Report 2017, Serbia is also acceding to the WTO.

Agricultural land in Serbia covers approx. 5.1 million hectares (ha), roughly 66% of total land, of which about 3.6 million ha are considered arable lands. The climate is classified as being temperate continental. Average annual precipitation ranges from 600mm to 800mm in the plains and between 800mm and 1,200mm in the mountains. Land and climate conditions are favorable to agricultural production.

Low pollution levels and predominantly fertile organic land with naturally available sources of water coupled with established irrigation systems make Serbia an ideal destination to cultivate industrial hemp. The agricultural benefits of Serbian land were recognized long ago, so it is not surprising that Serbia is country with a long tradition of cultivating autochthonous species of industrial hemp. Historically, Serbia once had a Mercantile Cannabis Exchange Centre (in the city of Odzaci) and was a forefront of European cannabis production with 2/3 of entire hemp production in Europe. Today, the highest growth rates of hemp are in Europe (France).

Recent analyses show that Serbian autochthonous strains have higher percentage of CBD compared to other hemp strains.

Canada has the most developed and extensive network of businesses whose activity is focused on the production and/or processing of industrial hemp for the food industry. Therefore, EVIANA, as a Canadian company, with its operation center in Serbia intends to reprise Serbia’s role as a leader in Europe as an important center for cultivating and/or processing of industrial hemp for production of pharma grade and food grade CBD.