Business Highlights

Eviana Business Highlights

  • Eviana has been growing industrial hemp in Republic of Serbia for 5 years now, with excellent relations with farmers in Serbia and in the region, enabling the Company to cooperate with other producers and obtain additional hemp.
  • The relatively high CBD concentration in autochthonous sorts of hemp, grown in Republic of Serbia, will provide an additional business opportunity for a pharmaceutical-based topical cream for pain relief.
  • Hemp strains used are strictly an outdoor crop grown in farmland located in the Republic of Serbia minimizing on energy costs (one of the largest expenses in growing other forms of cannabis for marijuana vs. industrial hemp varieties of cannabis).
  • In the process of obtaining HACCP certification to extract hemp oil including CBD for the production pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products.
  • Expertise and experience in the extraction of plant oils, CBDs, and other active ingredients through a proprietary process with internal staff, external advisors, and consultants, and upon obtaining an extraction license in respect of CBD it will be well positioned to begin extracting CBD for use in cosmeceuticals, nutraceutical, and topical pharmaceuticals.
  • Access to a team of highly specialized scientists with the intellectual properties and knowledge to grow high quality industrial hemp and extract superior grade CBDs.
  • Has installed two cold press machines to press oils from the hemp seed in inventory. The oil can be sold or used in three ways: 1) sold as an oil for the cosmeceutical industry or used directly by Eviana to be made into hemp based cosmetics, creams or shampoos; 2) as an edible product to be used in salads; and 3) sold as a nutritional supplement oil, as the hemp seed oil is extremely rich in Omega 3-6-9 essential fatty acids, alpha linolenic acid, linoleic acid and oleic acid.
  • Company has a significant stock of hemp fibers, ready to be processed for insulation material, hempcrete, hemp plastic or to be used as fuel (pellet).

Eviana, Harvesting and Inventory

  • Has started to grow hemp in 2015 with increasing the number of hectares under crop and improving the yield. After just a few tons of dried and selected (half processed and ready for extraction) hemp in 2015, at the beginning of 2019 Company had 100 tons in inventory, from previous harvests. After having sold the old hemp, Company estimates that by the end of September the stock is going to be the same again, full 100 tones of new harvested hemp coming from personally grown, contracted with farmers, or bought in the region.

Processing and International Facilities

  • In Serbia, has two processing facilities: (i) a leased 22,000 sq. ft. facility which it intends to be used for CBD extraction and laboratory, and upon installation of equipment and receipt of extraction license will enable it to extract CBD from flowers and leaves/trim; and (ii) owns 40,000 sq. ft. facility that is under the process of HACCP certification for food processing hemp seed into hemp oil, protein, hemp hearts, etc.
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